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Anne Hathaway & Kristen Stewart Cross Dress It Up In Jenny Lewis’s New Video

Jenny Lewis is the one handling directing duties for her brand new “Just One Of The Guys” video and ...

July 15, 2014 MUSIC
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Kristen Stewart Impresses In ‘Clouds Of Sils Maria’ Trailer

According to the reviews coming out of Cannes, Stewart not only holds her own with Binoche, but also delivers a ...

July 08, 2014 MOVIES
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Kristen Stewart Plays Personal Assistant In ‘Clouds Of Sils Maria’

Kristen Stewart flashes her thong in her new film Clouds Of Sils Maria! The Twilight leading lady stars alongside ...

May 23, 2014 MOVIES
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Cannes Film Festival Livestream: Day 10

Highlights include Olivier Assayas' Clouds of Sils Maria and Andrei Zvyagintsev's Leviathan

May 23, 2014 MOVIES
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Kristen Stewart Makes Directorial Debut (Behind-the-Scenes Video)

Twilight star Kristen Stewart, 24, is making her directorial debut with Sage + the Saints’ Take Me to the ...

May 14, 2014 CELEBS
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Watch A Livestream Of The Cannes Opening Ceremony Here!

The 67th Cannes Film Festival begins today. And although it’s nestled across the pond in the French Riviera ...

May 14, 2014 MOVIES
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Behind the Scenes: Kristen Stewart’s New Chanel Ads

For those not in the know, Kristen Stewart is now the face of Chanel. And in charge of the Twilight actor’s new ...

April 29, 2014 FASHION
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Shailene Woodley Slams ‘Toxic’ ‘Twilight’ Relationship

Already hyped to be the next young adult novel turned big screen adaptation, “Divergent” star Shailene Woodley is ...

March 12, 2014 CELEBS, MOVIES