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UPDATE: Justin Bieber Begs Seth Rogen To Roast Him

UPDATE (Friday, Feb. 27, 9:43 a.m. ET): Justin Bieber has a message for Seth Rogen: come roast me! As you may recall ...

February 27, 2015 TV
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In The Headlines: Disney Teases An Upcoming ‘Frozen’ Treat, Madonna (Mostly) Squashes Gaga Feud Talk & More!

* Cinemagoers settling in to watch Disney’s upcoming live action Cinderella flick this March will get an ...

February 25, 2015 CELEBS
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Chad Kroeger On Justin Bieber: He’ll Look Back And ‘Be Ashamed’ Of Himself, ‘A Bit Of A Letdown’

What does Chad Kroeger think of Justin Bieber after all of his fellow Canadian’s house-egging, bucket-peeing ...

February 21, 2015 MUSIC
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WATCH: Ellen Scares The Bejeebers Out Of Bieber

Ellen DeGeneres has joined the likes of Punk’d’s Ashton Kutcher and Candid Camera‘s Allen Funt for ...

February 20, 2015 TV
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Kevin Hart Says He’s ‘Going To Smash’ Justin Bieber At His Upcoming Roast

What’s that old Friars Club motto? “We only Roast the ones we love.” Justin Bieber will have to keep ...

February 17, 2015 MUSIC
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Tom Hanks & Justin Bieber Dance In Carly Rae Jepsen’s Upcoming Music Video

You could certainly do worse for backup dancers. Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber were spotted in SoHo busting out some pop ...

February 17, 2015 MUSIC
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Justin Bieber Prank Calls A Fan On ‘Ellen’

In between court appearances, Justin Bieber and his pals like to unwind by making prank calls. In fact, he tells Ellen ...

February 16, 2015 TV
Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief Charity Fashion Show - Backstage Comments Off

Justin Bieber Holds Hands With Naomi Campbell At NYC Fashion Show

Are Justin Bieber and supermodel Naomi Campbell an item? The pair were photographed yesterday walking hand in hand ...

February 15, 2015 CELEBS