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Harry Styles Took A Flying Object To The Head At One Direction’s Show In Philly

You can’t say Harry Styles hasn’t put his body on the line during One Direction’s most recent tour ...

September 02, 2015 MUSIC
One Direction Live in Milwaukee Comments Off

Simon Cowell Admits ‘Grueling Schedule’ Behind 1D Hiatus: They Were ’100%’ Over-Worked

Following news of their one-year hiatus, the question on the minds of every rabid fan is: will One Direction get back ...

August 28, 2015 TV
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One Direction Blast Off In Their ‘Drag Me Down’ Video

So what’s next for a mega-popular pop outfit that’s conquered Earth? Expansion into space, of course. One ...

August 21, 2015 MUSIC
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Harry Styles Receives Twitter Death Threats Ahead Of 1D’s Upcoming New Jersey Concert

Like many a celebrity, One Direction star Harry Styles has received far too much unnecessary verbal abuse online, but ...

July 14, 2015 MUSIC
One Direction 'On the Road Again' concert, San Diego, America - 09 Jul 2015 Comments Off

Harry Styles Tells San Diego Fans: Don’t Go To SeaWorld!

Comic-Con isn’t the only thing going on this weekend in San Diego, which hosted a concert by Brit boy band One ...

July 12, 2015 MUSIC
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Harry Styles Wiped Out Hard At Last Night’s One Direction Concert

Harry Styles isn’t going to let something minor like gravity stop him from bringing pop excellence to a packed ...

July 10, 2015 MUSIC
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Harry Styles Says One Direction Has Been Doing Fine Without Zayn Malik

When Zayn Malik exited One Direction, there was a reasonable amount of worry about what the departure might mean for ...

July 03, 2015 MUSIC
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Harry Styles Stamps Out Chatter That He’s Going Solo In The Near Future

Happy news, Directioners! Harry Styles isn’t sailing off to a solo career just yet. 1D’s captain of the ...

June 04, 2015 MUSIC