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Watch: New Trailer For Anne Hathaway And Robert De Niro’s Upcoming Film

Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro come together for a warm-hearted comedy titled “Intern”. The film follows a young ...

May 13, 2015 MOVIES
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Anne Hathaway Channels Miley Cyrus For ‘Lip Sync Battle’

If you’re looking to beat Anne Hathaway in a Lip Sync Battle, you’ll have to be able to stop a ...

April 06, 2015 MUSIC
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The World Is Not Nicer, Anne Hathaway Says

In Song One, the actress took on a role that she really connected with and it made her reassess how she looked at life ...

January 24, 2015 MOVIES
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Anne Hathaway Is Over The ‘Hathahaters’

Anne Hathaway’s lead up to winning her Oscar was bittersweet. Just as she was becoming the front runner for best ...

January 15, 2015 AWARDS, MOVIES
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Anne Hathaway Talks About Excitement of ‘Interstellar’

Anne Hathaway’s latest galactic venture in Interstellar, finds her being sent into the cosmos of space- while playing ...

October 29, 2014 CELEBS, MOVIES
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Anne Hathaway On Fame: It ‘F**ked Me Up For A Really Long Time’

A strong and seductive Anne Hathaway dazzles on the cover of Elle Uk’s November issue, and inside, the actress gets ...

September 30, 2014 CELEBS
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Anne Hathaway & Kristen Stewart Cross Dress It Up In Jenny Lewis’s New Video

Jenny Lewis is the one handling directing duties for her brand new “Just One Of The Guys” video and ...

July 15, 2014 MUSIC
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At Long Last, A Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s Super-Secret ‘Interstellar’

It’s been called one of the most secretive productions in motion picture history. But at long last, Interstellar ...

May 16, 2014 MOVIES