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WATCH: Angelina Jolie Meets With Syrian Refugees

Angelina Jolie has partnered with CNN to shed light on the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon. During a recent ...

March 27, 2014 CELEBS, TV
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Angelina Jolie And Stella McCartney Team Up For ‘Maleficent’ Clothing Line

First there was February’s Ringo Star / Paul McCartney team-up marking the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ ...

March 21, 2014 FASHION
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Wow! Angelina’s ‘Maleficent’ Spreads Her Wings

Sporting magnificent and intimidating black wings, Angelina Jolie soars in Maleficent, the upcoming live-action ...

March 18, 2014 FILM
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Angelina Jolie Explains Why She Turned Down ’50 Shades’

"I’m better at telling some stories than others."

March 17, 2014 FILM
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Angelina Jolie Lands Cover Of ‘EW’

According to Jolie, the costume was so terrifying that even Pax, who is five years older than Vivienne, freaked out ...

March 05, 2014 CELEBS
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After Turning Down Role In ‘Gravity,’ Angelina Jolie Presents Award To ‘Gravity’ Director Alfonso Cuarón

"I had conversations with Angelina. But then she went to do one film and another she was going to direct. It's just ...

March 03, 2014 AWARDS, FILM
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Report: Sandra Bullock To Make Over $70 Million For ‘Gravity’

Bullock partly has Angelina Jolie to thank for her new bank balance

February 26, 2014 CELEBS
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Angelina Jolie On ‘Unbroken’: ‘This Has Been The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done’

"I want to be able to say that it can seem dark and it can seem hopeless and it can seem very overwhelming, but the ...

February 25, 2014 FILM