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‘I Think Everybody’s Loving It’: Shania Twain Talks Taylor Swift’s Switch To Pop

This weekend, Shania Twain hit the red carpet for the Bliss Ball in Toronto.  The annual event supports the Dilawri ...

September 22, 2014 MUSIC

Report: Ryan Gosling Is Over The Moon For Baby Girl

Ryan Gosling is over the moon about his new baby girl, and who can blame him? The actor welcomed his new lady love ...

September 19, 2014 CELEBS
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Nicole Kidman Remembers Her Father’s Support During Divorce From Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman, surrounded by friends and family, said goodbye to her father, clinical psychologist Dr. Antony Kidman in ...

September 19, 2014 CELEBS
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Matthew McConaughey Not Returning For ‘Magic Mike XXL’

No, everything will not be alright, alright, alright. Excited as we are about the upcoming sequel to “Magic ...

September 18, 2014 MOVIES
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Here’s What Not To Say To Your Favourite Celebrity, From The Celebrity Themselves

We’ve all done it at one point in our lives.  Fanboy-ing after spotting a celebrity in their natural habitat ...

September 17, 2014 CELEBS
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Jake Gyllenhaal Talks ‘Hungry And Skinny’ Nightcrawler Role

Jake Gyllenhaal is no stranger to the Toronto International Film Festival, having become a festival staple the past ...

September 11, 2014 TIFF
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TIFF Livestream: Keira Knightley Hits The Red Carpet For ‘Laggies’

Having already hit the red carpet this week for “The Imitation Game”, Keira Knightley is continuing her whirlwind ...

September 10, 2014 TIFF
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TIFF Livestream: Reese Witherspoon’s ‘Wild’ Premiere

The Toronto International Film Festival might seem like it’s been taking over Toronto for the past week, but we’re ...

September 08, 2014 TIFF